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Resources for Overcoming Pornography Addiction

Struggling with a porn addiction? Here are resources to process this addiction; provide first steps to recovery; and provide accountability.

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Anonymous Story: My Boyfriend’s Porn Addiction

At the time, I had been dating my boyfriend for almost one year, and everything was perfect. But as a 16-year-old, my love was almost blinding, and a simple conversation changed my dream into a nightmare in an instant. At school, I had heard other girls talk about how...

The Cruel Lies of Pornography

Even the most straightforward individual holds hidden depths. Participating in the human condition means possessing a constellation of core needs and desires. After stern physical requirements such as breathable air, pervasive light, nourishing food, clean water, warm...

The Research is in: How Porn Affects Your Relationship

Thanks to the Internet’s global reach, porn is everywhere now. Just about any sex act you can think of, and probably a few you can’t, is a few clicks away. While you may indulge in porn on your own, it’s important to remember that your porn habits...